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by Administrator 10. July 2014 01:19

We are very excited to announce that, our UK Website, now has a short a relevant domain:

This will be the new home of UK's Dojo Directory.

There has been several other enhancements to the UK version of our Website. Now you can enter the name of a Premise where a Dojo or classes are held. This is very useful where classes are held in a Community Hall, Gym or Church. This happens to be the case for many Dojo in the UK. The address lines now has an extra field, so you may enter an additional line in address if applicable.

With the introduction of 'Premise', it has become easier to Geocode the location of each Dojo and show Maps. This was an issue in the past.


Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.


We are on a new server!

by Administrator 25. June 2014 01:48 and all other Websites of our network (,, & are now on a new and powerful Web Server.

The old server was doing alright for the last few years. It had a dual core processor and only 2GB of memory. Because it was dedicated to running network of Websites only, it held up pretty good. But lately our visitors have grown in excess of 200,000 per month and the load on the server was noticable. It was time to move on to something more powerful.

The new server we just installed has 20 Logical cores and 64GB of DDR3 RAM running at 1600Mhz! It also has a pair of high performance SSD drives in RAID configuration. With Windows 2012 R2 operating system and SQL Server 2014 in the back end, the result is blazing fast! Here is 20 processor cores in action:

If load increases, we have the option to install another processor with 20 Logical cores, resulting in a 40 core server!

With that, it looks pretty good as of now.  We are connected to the Internet over a 1Gbps connection. Because our Website is highly optimized to begin with, you should have a very fast browsing experience.

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by Administrator 10. April 2014 02:11

We are excited to announce that, the primary Website of our network, now has a shorter and more relevant domain name:

We acquired domain last year, but were looking for a suitable time to make the transition. This is the 10th year of service for, it has become the official directory of martial arts schools, clubs and studios over the years. Over a million pages indexed by google, and ranking highly in search engines for all relevant terms. Change to is yet another step of advancement. We will continue to keep for many years. So if you don't remember the new domain name, no problems, you will be redirected to whenever you try

This new domain name is more in line with our rest of the country specific Websites:,,,,,, and more.

We are currently working on a multi-lingual version of the platform. This will allow us to launch non English country specific Websites:,, and a few others.

There are many other enhancements lined up for in 2014.


2013 Year End Summary

by Administrator 9. January 2014 00:01


Hopefully 2013 went well for everyone. As the financial institutions put together the year end summary, we thought we would take a look at the dojo locator network too. We are now past 29,000 school's across all of the Website currently active (,,, and Monthly unique visitors approaching 200,000. We are also seeing a larger number of Email leads being generated through our Website. It's probably partly due to people getting more used to communicating on the Web. 

Here is the summary of various activity on the dojo locator network in 2013:

  • New Schools: 2,279
  • School updates: 1,866
  • Reviews Submitted: 3,840
  • School views: 3,766,743
  • School Map views: 261,566
  • Direction Lookups: 20,345
  • Total Searches: 3,786,862

Total searches is the number of Cities, Counties, Zip codes etc. where searched for school's by the site visitors during 2013.

Clearly, there is a lot of online activity in the Martial Arts Industry especially when it comes to looking for a suitable school or class near you. We can also say with confidence that dojo locator is being recognized and used by the industry a great extent. That's exactly why we chose to build it. 

For 2014, we have a huge number of updates and enhancements ahead. We have acquired and sometime this year we will switch to this shorter and more relevant domain name. We have also acquired many other country specific domain names, (India), (South Africa), (Filipines), (Japan), (Spain), (Italy) and a few others. We hope to release each of these Websites during 2014.

We are also working on a better Administration area for school owners, and a lot of enhancements to their school information pages.

This will be the 10th year of service for, and we would like to thank you for being a part of it.



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by Administrator 23. September 2011 22:45

We have just launched the Australia ( and New Zealand ( specific Websites. They are intended to serve as the Dojo Directories for these two countries.

Both Websites feature location pages specific to States and Cities of their respective countries. Australia currently has about 1,800 Dojo, and New Zealand about 300 listed. Martial Arts Style charts are available for the States and Cities based on the styles offered by listed schools.

All features like Dojo Details, Map, Directions, Reviews etc. are available on both Websites. 

Dojo owners, instructors and associates are able to add and update Dojo information.

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by Administrator 3. September 2011 05:56

We are very excited to announce the launch of, a Dojo Directory dedicated to Martial Arts Schools in Canada. There are currently about 1,600 Dojo listed in Canada. offers advanced Dojo Search functionality similar to and, but focuses on locations in Canada. It gives you an overview of Martial Arts in all Canadian provinces and cities.

You can look up Martial Arts Schools offering any specific style of your choice near any address in Canada.

An interesting feature of is the support for unicode/international characters. School owners may enter name, introduction or program details in languages other than English (French, for example). In addition, it understands the city names in english or their proper name, for example, you can search for Montreal, or Montréal.

You can also rate and review Dojos in Canada. Rating is based on Instruction quality and other aspects of a school.

School owners, Instructors or even students can maintain the listing of any Dojo on

As always, it is free to list a Dojo with



by Administrator 23. June 2011 01:40

We are very excited to introduce - a Dojo Directory Featuring Dojos and Martial Arts Styles in UK.

The Website has been launched after many long nights and weekends of hard work by the dojo locator team! initially features about 1,200 Dojo in the United Kingdom. You can look-up Dojo near you by providing a complete address, or view Martial Arts Schools and Styles in any given city by searching with a City Name.

Similar to, show Style Statistics, Interactive Map, Dojo Ratings and Reviews and includes a rating widget that school's may display on their Website.

Soon there will be overview of Martial Arts Schools and Styles in all UK Counties, as well as Post codes. is aimed to offer a valuable service to UK's Martial Arts Community, as has done for USA for the past 7 Years! is currently attracting 100,000+ unique visitors per month.

If you are associated with a Martial Arts School in the UK, please make sure that it is listed with and the information is up-to-date.


987% Growth of, in 12 months!

by Administrator 8. March 2011 20:49

In January 2010, had about 6,800 unique visitors. In January 2011, had about 67,800 unique visitors. That is a 987% increase in traffic over 12 months! 

In February 2011, we have seen over 73,000 unique visitors, which is another 13.6% higher than the previous month. Better yet, March 2011 is projected to have over 100,000 unique visitors. is rapidly growing. It is growing faster than our anticipation. Here is the chart showing unique visitors over this period: Growth in 2010 Visitors and Page views in 2010


Here is a quick summary of the year 2010:

  • New Dojo Listings: 1,082
  • Dojo Updates: 1,806
  • Email Leads Generated: 2,212
  • Average daily visits: 2,229
  • Average daily page views: 10,245

We also passed the 17,000 mark of listed schools in December 2010.

Everyday, drives over 1,000 visitors to school Websites. These are highly motivated individuals (leads) passed to Websites of schools listed with

Early 2011, we started tracking additional user activity on, these include detailed Dojo activity (Detail views, Map views, Direction Lookups etc.), Search activity by location (Zip, City, County, State etc.). Eventually this will allow us to rank locations based on search activity.


Why such a rapid Growth? is a work of passion. We give everything to make it not only the most useful Website to the Martial Arts community, but also the most Search Engine optimized Website possible. features pages for each City, County, Zip Code and State in the USA. Google index currently has over half a million pages from and a large number of our visitors come from the search engines.

Try searching for Dojo Finder, Dojo Search, Find Martial Arts or Dojo Directory in google, you will see what we mean.

If you are listed with, we would like to thank you for being a part of Internet's top Dojo Finder. If your school is not listed yet, please take a minute to List it with dojo locator.

If you ever come across a school that is not listed here, please encourage them to list it. Listing is still free!



Report Incorrect Information

by Administrator 10. October 2010 22:11

We often heard from users that certain school has moved, or has gone out of business. Now you can report these issues right from the school's detail page.

There is a new option available on each school's page, called 'Report Incorrect Data'.

You can use this option to report if a School has moved, closed down, or if certain information on the page is incorrect. You can also report if a listing is a duplicate of another listing:

When you report an issue, it will be first reviewed and verified by one of our Editors before making effective.

If you know that some schools in your neighborhood has closed down or moved, please report it and help us improve the quality of's data.

This will provide a better experience to those looking for Martial Arts Schools in your area.


Major Update: New Site Layout

by Administrator 3. October 2010 20:18 has been completely revamped to fit larger screen reosolutions typically in use today.

This required redesigning most of the sections to fit the wider page layout. In particular, the Dojo detail pages have been completely modified. We feel that this is the best way to utilize the screen real-estate. In addition, the pages can be shared on Facebook or posted to Twitter more easily.

The home page now shows a combined list of New Dojo listings and Dojo Updates.


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