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RSS Feed - Now available

We just added RSS Feed to various sections of

If you are not familiar with xml rss feeds, they can be used to stay up-to-date about various types of information like news, events, products etc. Most modern Web browsers allow you to subscribe to these feeds and shows you up-to-date information from the feed source. For example, if you subscribe to the New Dojo Feed, your browser will automatically show you new Dojo as they are added to

There is a Feed available for almost every page that displays dojo listings. This includes the Home Page, New Dojo Listings, Recent Updates, and all state pages, city pages and zip code pages.

The Feed is dynamic, and you can create your own custom Feed by adding parameters to the base Feed URL:

Without any parameters, this URL will return an RSS Feed of last 25 Dojo updates on, if you add a query parameter type=new, then it will return the new listings (last 25):

In order to get Dojo listings in a specific state, and a state=[stateCode] parameter. For example, for all recently updated Dojo in the state of Florida, here is the URL:

Adding a city parameter along with state will generate a Feed specific to that city. So for Orlando, FL, the URL is:

You may also use a zip=[zipcode] parameter to generate a Feed for a specific zipcode:

By default, 25 items are returned, but you can change this by adding a count=[value] parameter. The maximum items allowed is 50.

Post a comment if you have any questions about the RSS Feed.


Error: Outage details

There is a hard to catch bug that caused the site to show error for several hours. It is hard to reproduce, but we are looking into it.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by the outage.

Until this bug is fixed, the error can happen again. We will have to monitor the site closely.

*** FIXED ***

The bug has been fixed!

New Dojo Management Features

The account area has been completely redesigned. In addition, the following new functionality are now available:

  1. Fix the Map location: In case correct location of your Dojo is not being shown on the Map
  2. Add an Introduction: The introduction will appear at the top of the Dojo details page
  3. Change Dojo Url: If the current Url of your Dojo is too long, you may choose a shorter Url
  4. Chage Password: Finally!

More enhancements coming up.

Fix Map of your Dojo

Recently, the most heard complaint from Dojo owners has been that the Map showing incorrect location of a Dojo. So we have added the ability for Dojo owners to fix the Map location. If your Dojo is not showing the correct location, please log into your DojoLocator account and select 'Fix Map' option. You will be shown a draggable icon on the Map that you can move to the right location. Once you save the correct location, it will show up correctly on your Dojo's Map page.

In addition, we have started showing a warning on the Map for Dojos that does not have accurate geocode location.