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County Pages Updated

We have completely remodeled the Pages that show Dojos in various County in the USA, also enhanced's ability to understand Counties.

The same model used for City and Zip code pages is now used for Counties . It shows an interactive Map of the County with all Dojo in and around the County. A list of all Dojo is also displayed under the Map. If there is only a few Dojo available in a County, nearby Dojo listings are displayed.

DojoLocator now understands County names. If you enter a County name in the search box (any County name followed by the word County) it will take you to that County's page. Even if you type it in one word, like "OrangeCounty", it understands. There are some County names common across multiple states, for example there is Cook County in Illinois, and also Cook County in Georgia. If you simply type in Cook County, you will be taken to Cook County in Illinois because it has more Dojo than Cook County Georgia. Specify the State in order to view the correct County in these cases, for example: Cook County GA.

The Page that shows top Counties in USA has also been updated. Now, along with showing the top 5 Counties in the whole country, it also shows top Counties in every state.


Major Update - Introducing Map Search

All City and Zip code pages have been redesigned on

Now they feature a powerful Map to show all Dojo that has exact location available in that area. You can move the map around to see Martial Arts Schools in the nearby places. The Map is followed by a list of Dojo in the selected City or Zip code. If a Dojo does not have its exact location available, it can not be displayed on the Map. In this case they are shown at the top of the list below the Map.

For locations and zip codes that have only a few Dojo, we try to find some more Dojo from the nearby places. The search radious automatically increases up to a 100 Miles until some Dojo are found.

For cities with larger number of Dojo, no range search is done. Only matches from that city are displayed in the list. You still have the option to drag and move the Map around to view nearby places.

You may hide the Map in case you would like view Dojos in a list only.

Style chart and statistics are now displayed on these pages where enough style information is available.

The Page structure for City and Zip codes have been changed with this update. All US Zip codes are in the following structure:[code]/ Where [code] is the actual zip code. For example, here is the Page for zip code 32837:

Also, the City pages are now in the following format:[state]/[city]/ Where [state] and [City] are the names of State and City. Spaces in the names are replaced with hyphen. So here is the page for Orlando Florida:

Please help us make better with your suggestions.

New Pages for States in USA

We have redesigned the pages dedicated to each state.

The url structure has also changed. Now, each state has it's own Folder under For example, the main page for Florida is:

These pages now include the recently listed and recently updated Dojos in that state. The list of cities have been organized alphabetically. You will also see the style statistics for each state on these pages. The top 5 Cities in a state are shown on the top of the page for quick access. There is also a page dedicated to the Counties in each state, under the subfolder. For example, the Counties in Florida are available at:

If you would like to jump to a specific state of your interest, here is the list of all states in the USA: