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Report Incorrect Information

We often heard from users that certain school has moved, or has gone out of business. Now you can report these issues right from the school's detail page.

There is a new option available on each school's page, called 'Report Incorrect Data'.

You can use this option to report if a School has moved, closed down, or if certain information on the page is incorrect. You can also report if a listing is a duplicate of another listing:

When you report an issue, it will be first reviewed and verified by one of our Editors before making effective.

If you know that some schools in your neighborhood has closed down or moved, please report it and help us improve the quality of's data.

This will provide a better experience to those looking for Martial Arts Schools in your area.

Major Update: New Site Layout has been completely revamped to fit larger screen reosolutions typically in use today.

This required redesigning most of the sections to fit the wider page layout. In particular, the Dojo detail pages have been completely modified. We feel that this is the best way to utilize the screen real-estate. In addition, the pages can be shared on Facebook or posted to Twitter more easily.

The home page now shows a combined list of New Dojo listings and Dojo Updates.