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We are on a new server! and all other Websites of our network (,, & are now on a new and powerful Web Server.

The old server was doing alright for the last few years. It had a dual core processor and only 2GB of memory. Because it was dedicated to running network of Websites only, it held up pretty good. But lately our visitors have grown in excess of 200,000 per month and the load on the server was noticable. It was time to move on to something more powerful.

The new server we just installed has 20 Logical cores and 64GB of DDR3 RAM running at 1600Mhz! It also has a pair of high performance SSD drives in RAID configuration. With Windows 2012 R2 operating system and SQL Server 2014 in the back end, the result is blazing fast! Here is 20 processor cores in action:

If load increases, we have the option to install another processor with 20 Logical cores, resulting in a 40 core server!

With that, it looks pretty good as of now.  We are connected to the Internet over a 1Gbps connection. Because our Website is highly optimized to begin with, you should have a very fast browsing experience.