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Mobile Friendly Design of

We have just launched a new and mobile friendly version of our Websites. The new layout is responsive in nature, and adapts to smaller screen (such as smart phone) gracefully, reusulting in a much better user experience.

All our Websites (,,,, have been updated with the new design! During the redesign process, we re-organized the page structure to take advantage of the high resoution larger desktop monitors in use today. The sites now use a larger fon't size as well. As with any major change or update, there are bugs to fix and we are actively working on it.

The mobile version of the sites is rather in it early stage. We will continue to adapt and enhance it.

This year we are looking forward to release a few other country specific Websites, beginning with, and Once we worked out a true multi-lingual version of, we will be releasing,,, and a few more.

Thanks for a being a part of the Dojo Locator!