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987% Growth of, in 12 months!

In January 2010, had about 6,800 unique visitors. In January 2011, had about 67,800 unique visitors. That is a 987% increase in traffic over 12 months! 

In February 2011, we have seen over 73,000 unique visitors, which is another 13.6% higher than the previous month. Better yet, March 2011 is projected to have over 100,000 unique visitors. is rapidly growing. It is growing faster than our anticipation. Here is the chart showing unique visitors over this period: Growth in 2010 Visitors and Page views in 2010


Here is a quick summary of the year 2010:

  • New Dojo Listings: 1,082
  • Dojo Updates: 1,806
  • Email Leads Generated: 2,212
  • Average daily visits: 2,229
  • Average daily page views: 10,245

We also passed the 17,000 mark of listed schools in December 2010.

Everyday, drives over 1,000 visitors to school Websites. These are highly motivated individuals (leads) passed to Websites of schools listed with

Early 2011, we started tracking additional user activity on, these include detailed Dojo activity (Detail views, Map views, Direction Lookups etc.), Search activity by location (Zip, City, County, State etc.). Eventually this will allow us to rank locations based on search activity.


Why such a rapid Growth? is a work of passion. We give everything to make it not only the most useful Website to the Martial Arts community, but also the most Search Engine optimized Website possible. features pages for each City, County, Zip Code and State in the USA. Google index currently has over half a million pages from and a large number of our visitors come from the search engines.

Try searching for Dojo Finder, Dojo Search, Find Martial Arts or Dojo Directory in google, you will see what we mean.

If you are listed with, we would like to thank you for being a part of Internet's top Dojo Finder. If your school is not listed yet, please take a minute to List it with dojo locator.

If you ever come across a school that is not listed here, please encourage them to list it. Listing is still free!


Report Incorrect Information

We often heard from users that certain school has moved, or has gone out of business. Now you can report these issues right from the school's detail page.

There is a new option available on each school's page, called 'Report Incorrect Data'.

You can use this option to report if a School has moved, closed down, or if certain information on the page is incorrect. You can also report if a listing is a duplicate of another listing:

When you report an issue, it will be first reviewed and verified by one of our Editors before making effective.

If you know that some schools in your neighborhood has closed down or moved, please report it and help us improve the quality of's data.

This will provide a better experience to those looking for Martial Arts Schools in your area.

Major Update: New Site Layout has been completely revamped to fit larger screen reosolutions typically in use today.

This required redesigning most of the sections to fit the wider page layout. In particular, the Dojo detail pages have been completely modified. We feel that this is the best way to utilize the screen real-estate. In addition, the pages can be shared on Facebook or posted to Twitter more easily.

The home page now shows a combined list of New Dojo listings and Dojo Updates.

Introducing Style Based Search

We are very excited to announce the addition of Style based Dojo Search on

Now you are able to select up to 5 Martial Arts Styles when searching any location. DojoLocator will display all schools offering any of the Styles you select. If there is no school offering any of the selected styles, DojoLocator will go on to search up to 150 Miles to find schools that offer your selected styles.

This is an early stage of the Style search feature. As we study the usability and other aspects of it, we will continue to improve it.

When there is no Dojo found in your selected location, DojoLoctor initially hides the Map. You can see the location of any School in the list by clicking the 'Locate on Map' link next to any Dojo Listing.

Try Style Based Dojo Search.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know.

Dedicated Mail Server

Until now, has been using a Mail server that served about 1000 domains, with as much as 3000 Email accounts.

In a shared hosting environment, Email Servers have many challenges to deal with. If one user's PC, Email account or Website is compromised, the Email server may be abused by Spammers and thousands of SPAM might be sent out the the server before anyone notices.

In these situations, the Mail server may get black listed or blocked by the major ISPs, which prevents delivery of legitimate Emails from all other users using the same Email server.

Each day, visitors of send information requests to many Dojo. These leads are forwarded to the Email address listed with these Dojo, and if these Emails are not properly delivered to the Dojo owners, it is a loss of opportunity. It is also a failure of to provide answer to a customer query.

Therefore we have setup a new Email server for, which will only process Emails for and will not be affected by the activity of thousands of other accounts. Yet another step to make useful/valuable to the Martial Arts Community.

If your Dojo is listed with, please make sure the Email address is current and correct. Otherwise you might be missing out valuable leads.

Dojo Locator is rapidly growing!

In the recent months, many new features have been added to Dojo Locator. As a result, has been gaining better search engine ranking and everyday more visitors come and search for dojos on More leads are being generated through the site everyday.

Here is a chart showing daily visitors from the beginning of this year (2010):


As of May 18th, about 300 new Dojo have signed up. Several Dojo updates occur everyday.

We are currently working on Dojo Search based on styles, a feature often requested by our users. This will further ehnance as a Dojo Search tool.

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions and encouragements.

Faster Maps

We just udpated the code that renders location Maps so the initial loading would be even faster. uses many advanced technics and technologies to ensure extremely fast loading. However, the location Maps are actually served by Bing Maps and any page that shows a location Map is limited by the speed of Bing Maps Service.

Nevertheless, we have been looking for ways to tweak our side of the code to make the loading of Map as fast as possible. Careful reviews and re-writing of certain parts have made the initial loading of Maps much faster now.

The actual speed you experience will depend on the speed of your Internet connection, as well as the load on Bing Maps service at that time.

Next will be enhanced style based search.

Follow Dojo Locator on Twitter: @dojolocator

Here is yet another way to stay informed of new and updated Dojos, as well as features announcements on

If you use Twitter like Millions of other people, keep yourself up to date with by following our Twitter Feed:

New Dojo listings and Dojo updates will be automatically posted to this twitter feed. We will also post news and feature enhancements as they are announced on this blog.

The new and up udpated Dojos are also distributed to various blogs through RSS Feed. This is one of the reasons why search engines quickly pickup new Dojo Listings on

Nearby places and nearby Dojo

Three new features added.

  1. All City pages now display a list of nearby City and Towns, for conveniently browsing the neighborhood. Check out the page of Houston, for example.
  2. All Dojo now have a list of nearby Dojo on the right side of the page.
  3. All Counties have a list of top Cities in the county at the bottom of the page.

County Pages Updated

We have completely remodeled the Pages that show Dojos in various County in the USA, also enhanced's ability to understand Counties.

The same model used for City and Zip code pages is now used for Counties . It shows an interactive Map of the County with all Dojo in and around the County. A list of all Dojo is also displayed under the Map. If there is only a few Dojo available in a County, nearby Dojo listings are displayed.

DojoLocator now understands County names. If you enter a County name in the search box (any County name followed by the word County) it will take you to that County's page. Even if you type it in one word, like "OrangeCounty", it understands. There are some County names common across multiple states, for example there is Cook County in Illinois, and also Cook County in Georgia. If you simply type in Cook County, you will be taken to Cook County in Illinois because it has more Dojo than Cook County Georgia. Specify the State in order to view the correct County in these cases, for example: Cook County GA.

The Page that shows top Counties in USA has also been updated. Now, along with showing the top 5 Counties in the whole country, it also shows top Counties in every state.