987% Growth of dojolocator.com, in 12 months!

by Administrator 8. March 2011 20:49

In January 2010, dojolocator.com had about 6,800 unique visitors. In January 2011, dojolocator.com had about 67,800 unique visitors. That is a 987% increase in traffic over 12 months! 

In February 2011, we have seen over 73,000 unique visitors, which is another 13.6% higher than the previous month. Better yet, March 2011 is projected to have over 100,000 unique visitors.

dojolocator.com is rapidly growing. It is growing faster than our anticipation. Here is the chart showing unique visitors over this period:

dojolocator.com: Growth in 2010

dojolocator.com: Visitors and Page views in 2010


Here is a quick summary of the year 2010:

  • New Dojo Listings: 1,082
  • Dojo Updates: 1,806
  • Email Leads Generated: 2,212
  • Average daily visits: 2,229
  • Average daily page views: 10,245

We also passed the 17,000 mark of listed schools in December 2010.

Everyday, dojolocator.com drives over 1,000 visitors to school Websites. These are highly motivated individuals (leads) passed to Websites of schools listed with dojolocator.com

Early 2011, we started tracking additional user activity on dojolocator.com, these include detailed Dojo activity (Detail views, Map views, Direction Lookups etc.), Search activity by location (Zip, City, County, State etc.). Eventually this will allow us to rank locations based on search activity.


Why such a rapid Growth?

dojolocator.com is a work of passion. We give everything to make it not only the most useful Website to the Martial Arts community, but also the most Search Engine optimized Website possible. Dojolocator.com features pages for each City, County, Zip Code and State in the USA. Google index currently has over half a million pages from dojolocator.com and a large number of our visitors come from the search engines.

Try searching for Dojo Finder, Dojo Search, Find Martial Arts or Dojo Directory in google, you will see what we mean.

If you are listed with dojolocator.com, we would like to thank you for being a part of Internet's top Dojo Finder. If your school is not listed yet, please take a minute to List it with dojo locator.

If you ever come across a school that is not listed here, please encourage them to list it. Listing is still free!



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