Dedicated Mail Server

by newuser09876 28. May 2010 21:23

Until now, has been using a Mail server that served about 1000 domains, with as much as 3000 Email accounts.

In a shared hosting environment, Email Servers have many challenges to deal with. If one user's PC, Email account or Website is compromised, the Email server may be abused by Spammers and thousands of SPAM might be sent out the the server before anyone notices.

In these situations, the Mail server may get black listed or blocked by the major ISPs, which prevents delivery of legitimate Emails from all other users using the same Email server.

Each day, visitors of send information requests to many Dojo. These leads are forwarded to the Email address listed with these Dojo, and if these Emails are not properly delivered to the Dojo owners, it is a loss of opportunity. It is also a failure of to provide answer to a customer query.

Therefore we have setup a new Email server for, which will only process Emails for and will not be affected by the activity of thousands of other accounts. Yet another step to make useful/valuable to the Martial Arts Community.

If your Dojo is listed with, please make sure the Email address is current and correct. Otherwise you might be missing out valuable leads.

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