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We are very excited to introduce - a Dojo Directory Featuring Dojos and Martial Arts Styles in UK.

The Website has been launched after many long nights and weekends of hard work by the dojo locator team! initially features about 1,200 Dojo in the United Kingdom. You can look-up Dojo near you by providing a complete address, or view Martial Arts Schools and Styles in any given city by searching with a City Name.

Similar to, show Style Statistics, Interactive Map, Dojo Ratings and Reviews and includes a rating widget that school's may display on their Website.

Soon there will be overview of Martial Arts Schools and Styles in all UK Counties, as well as Post codes. is aimed to offer a valuable service to UK's Martial Arts Community, as has done for USA for the past 7 Years! is currently attracting 100,000+ unique visitors per month.

If you are associated with a Martial Arts School in the UK, please make sure that it is listed with and the information is up-to-date.

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